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Kategorie: experiential marketing

Photo Booth

Vienna Photo Booth is a professional provider of photo booths and creative photo installations.

I started to develop the Photo Booth project together with my partner Markus Mündecke in 2014.
He started in Berlin and I started in Vienna at the same time.

Today we offer event tools and live-marketing solutions for video and photography.
Our products range from classic photo boxes to completely new and unique photo installations that we create to support the storytelling of our customers.

For example the „endless mirror booth“ for CALZEDONIA or the multicamera/3D-photobooth.

Our photo booths are in high demand at company celebrations, trade fairs, conferences, PR and marketing events, store openings, sports and cultural events and much more.

For more information please visit: www.vienna-photobooth.com

Endless Mirror Booth

Very unique Boomerang Booth installation for a high-end event by Calzedonia.

The booth is a triangular room that is completely mirrored inside. The effects that become visible through the arrangement of the mirrors are sensational and surprising.

The event guests find a boomerang video installation inside the booth. They can make short videos and become part of a unique photo experience that brings the concept of „selfies“ to the point – mirror mirror on the wall…

Fragile! The booth consists of 9 large mirror walls that are assembled to a triangular room.
Guests enter the endless mirror room through a door. Inside there is a boomerang video installation for self-service.
Guests can take their own selfie videos and send them by email.

Mirror walls

Building up the installation at Palais Coburg, Vienna
Boomerang video installation inside
This project is made by Vienna Photobooth.

Lenticular Schaukasten

2020 und 2021: Der „Lockdown“ und das anschliessende „Wiedereröffnen“ ist ein sich immer wiederholender Zustand und bestimmt das soziale Leben der Menschen.

Auch die Filmbühne in Waidhofen an der Ybbs muss mehrmals den Betrieb komplett einstellen, um dann nach einigen Monaten endlich wieder öffnen zu dürfen „OPEN/CLOSED“.

Diese Lenticular Installation ist in Zusammenarbeit mit Wilma Calisir und der Filmbühne Waidhofen an der Ybbs entstanden.
Lenticular Schaukasten Installation, Filmbühne Waidhofen/Ybbs Österreich.