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Kategorie: light

Lamp / Milan Designweek 21

Light on! I designed this lamp as part of the „FiberEUse“ project – Sustainable Future at Salone del Mobile showcased at the Milan Designweek 2021.

The „FiberEUse“ project demonstrating new circular economy value-chains based on the reuse of end-of-life fiber reinforced composites from the wind energy, automotive and construction industries.

The lamp is made from recycled industrial fibre waste that would have otherwise been ended up on landfill in Europe.
In cooperation with Marcello Colledani (POLITECNICO DI MILAN), Giacomo Bonaiti (RIVIERASCA S.P.A.), Paolo Tralli (GREENCOAT), Tamara König (DESIGNAUSTRIA).

Endless Mirror Booth

Very unique Boomerang Booth installation for a high-end event by Calzedonia.

The booth is a triangular room that is completely mirrored inside. The effects that become visible through the arrangement of the mirrors are sensational and surprising.

The event guests find a boomerang video installation inside the booth. They can make short videos and become part of a unique photo experience that brings the concept of „selfies“ to the point – mirror mirror on the wall…

Fragile! The booth consists of 9 large mirror walls that are assembled to a triangular room.
Guests enter the endless mirror room through a door. Inside there is a boomerang video installation for self-service.
Guests can take their own selfie videos and send them by email.

Mirror walls

Building up the installation at Palais Coburg, Vienna
Boomerang video installation inside
This project is made by Vienna Photobooth.